» Daily Inspirations no. 122
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Posted on: March 9th, 2011

There is one rhetorical question about the art. Is the creation of a masterpiece a result of some spontaneous inspiration or, maybe, art is nothing but the end product of some well organized process with a preliminary defined goal and particular known techniques to achieve that goal? Since ancient times many philosophers have been trying to find the answer for this dilemma, but the question still remains open. In the meantime, each artist usually has his own view at the problem under discussion, though rarely questioning the essential role of inspiration in the art process. We, at Cruzine, have no single doubt about the importance of inspiration for any creative or designing activity. That is why we come back every day for our readers with the new collection of photographs, digital art works, illustrations, typeface designs, freebies and useful resources, where anyone can find his/her own bit of inspiration.

Artwork by Rob Scotton
di122a Daily Inspirations no. 122

My work by kseniavioline
di122b Daily Inspirations no. 122

Splash And Dance by Tomoya Hara
di122c Daily Inspirations no. 122

13inches cover by Borja Fresco Costal
di122d Daily Inspirations no. 122

More inspirations!

 Daily Inspirations no. 122
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